Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)

Day One

Meet your guide at our offices in downtown Wanaka, gear check and last minute questions.  From here it is a 12 minute drive to Wanaka airport where we load the helicopter for the exciting days ahead.  The helicopter drops us at over 2000m before carrying on to drop our gear at the hut.  From the summit we can see Mnt. Aspiring as well as Mnt. Cook and the chain of the Southern Alps.  Today’s tour takes us north to Lake McKay, this moderate terrain is the perfect chance to get used to your snowshoes and adjusting to equipment.  Back at the hut we settle down to a big dinner, your favorite beverage and a phenomenal sunset.

New Zealand Snowshoe Hiking

Day Two

There is no need for an early start, after fresh coffee and breakfast we tour up the valley to Mnt. Pisa the highest point on the Range and a vantage point taking in a 360 degree view of 8 separate mountain ranges.  Working our way down hill we come to Kirtleburn Hut which can be a welcome refuge in harsh weather.  Circling back to the north we drop down to the Cliffburn valley and follow a series of small lakes back to our hut.

New Zealand Snowshoe Hiking

Day Three

So far the touring has been on the milder west side of the range but today it is time to explore the steeper country of the eastern side.  The Upper Tinwald is a high basin of small ponds and interconnected streams.  It is a powder play land and usually protected from the prevailing winds.  A great place to build a snow cave for lunch!

Day Four

It is with regret we pack up and head down the valley.  We are lucky enough to have access though the Pisa Conservation area and the Southern Hemisphere proving Grounds road. This means that there is no need for any long snowless hiking to get to our vehicle located about 4-5 hours from the hut.  Todays walk is almost entirely downhill and by now you will feel like a pro with your new found snowshoe skills!

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