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Norway Ski Tour 2017

Norway Ski Tour 2017

Day 1 Lyngen Peninsula Norway

Great day, perfect weather with everyone pretty happy to get skiing. Driving from Tromso on our way to our first accommodation we skied 1100m up Blatinden. Perfect warm up climb with spring snow at the bottom and powder at the top, beautiful views of the fiords and our destination the Lyngen Alps. It was supposed to be a "take it easy" first day but everyone was so excited the burned it off without stopping.


Day 2- Norway, Lyngen Peninsula, Ruossavarri

Since it is light virtually 24 hrs a day, time is beginning to become pretty casual. It really does not matter what time you start to ski or finish. We just leave when we are finished eating a long, long breakfast and come back when our legs get tired. Ruossavarri is right at the end of the peninsula so it is surrounded by water on three sides. Some really nice skiing but never want to stop to get the camera out when going down!


Day 3- Steinfjellet 

Perfect day skiing powder on Steinfjellet. It has not snowed in almost a week and it is late spring here. Anywhere else in the world powder skiing would be out of the question up this far north (check out the photo I took out the front door last night at midnight) anything not directly facing into the sun is still light and dry. We skied into a valley with a huge north facing bowl and had amazing boot top powder with perfect weather. Last night here and then we are moving to a new house on the other side of the peninsula for a fresh batch of mountains!


Day 4- Tafeltinden

At almost 1400m Tafeltinden is one of the taller peaks in the central range. Starting at the waters edge it quickly climbs up to a major glacier and culminates in a sharp peak. Once again the powder turned it on in spite of the seemingly endless days of good weather.  We moved into our new house today, sunsets and saunas.


Day 5 - Uloya Traverse

We look at Uloya Island right out the kitchen window so we had no choice but to check it out. We took one ferry to get to the far side of the island and then traversed the summit ridge crest coming back to the coast where we caught another ferry back to our house. It was really an amazing trip, a beautiful line with magnificent snow the entire way.


Day 6 -Store Kagtinden, Norway

With a forecast of cloudy weather and five big days under our belts today was supposed to be a rest day, but blue skies and no wind forced our hand and we put in a "short day". The Island of Kagan is reached by a tunnel that goes under the fiord and is dominated by an ice covered spire called Store Kagtinden. We settled for a sunny flank and turned around without doing the steep gully running to the summit. First spring snow of the trip since we have been plagued by powder snow until today.

Moving down the fiord to a new house tomorrow so including the view from my bedroom and the sauna.


Day 7 - Stalloborri were forced to abandon a team member today when he could no longer get off the couch due to too many turns. Other members are suffering terribly from lasitude and ennui. There is the feeling that it just does not matter, when you can ski just fine at midnight what does it matter what time you start? Stalloborri is a relatively easy objective but it needed to be after a one hour breakfast turned into soporific 10:30 start. Beautiful skiing up through forest and frozen waterfalls. Once again faced unrelenting powder and fun tree skiing. Bad weather forecast tonight, hallelujah.


Norway 2017 Last Day!

Finally a change in the weather and time to rest. The morning brought wet snow falling around the house. We were moving to Tromso for the night and stopped off at Ellendallen, a hidden jewel of a valley. We skied but with rising temperatures and wet snow it was not a pretty sight. With 8 days of perfect weather under our belt our mission was over and it was off to Tromso, "The Paris of the North" to see what civilisation had waiting. Thought I would just send out a few photos from a fantastic trip. Nice work everyone, it was a blast. Can't wait to return next year.

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