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Twin Climbers Summit Mt Cook

Twin Climbers Summit Mt Cook
Congratulations to Tashi & Nungshi Malik on their summit of Aoraki-Mt Cook on 2 December with their Aspiring Guides Andrea Bruni & Gianni Predan.  We asked them who got to the top first, but like Hillary & Tenzing, they said it was a joint effort!
Tashi and Nungshi (born on 21 June 1991) are the first siblings and twins to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge. They are now also the first female twins to reach the summit of Aoraki-Mt Cook. 
In April 2015 they founded The Nungshitashi Foundation  which is dedicated to advancing the lives of Indian girls and women through outdoors, adventure sports and mountaineering. 
The most common inquiry that we get at Aspiring Guides is for a guided ascent of Aoraki / Mount Cook.  We can appreciate the appeal!  The reality is that Mt Cook is a much harder climb than most people anticipate. Tashi & Nungshi said it was one of their most challenging adventures so far.
Take a look here for some further advice on the progression to Mt Cook. 




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