The Spaghetti Ski Tour - Monte Rosa's 4000m Peaks


Aosta is located 2.5 hours from Milan or 3 hours from Geneva. The route follows the border between France and Italy

...such a beautiful place!

Melissa, Australia 2017 Italian Ski Tour

Thank you for everything, just loved the experience (warts and all) - hard not too in such a beautiful place!

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This high altitude traverse of the Monte Rose (or the Dufourspitze) massif located in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps. Monte Rosa, 4634m is the second highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe and is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

Europe is famous for it's tradition of hut-to-hut ski touring. There are hundreds of well equipped and comfortable mountain refuges serving delicious food and drink, which has given this spectacular trips name “The Spaghetti Tour”. Skiers have the opportunity to summit a number of 4000m+ summits enjoying the best views of the Alps. The trips utilises lifts to access the mountains and involves daily ascents of up to 1000m.

Available Dates

2020 Status
19 - 26 April Open
27 April - 4 May Open

Not quite long enough?  Ask us about the SAAS FEE EXTENSION

Full Monte Rosa Trip - SAAS FEE EXTENSION

This extension give the opportunity to visit another great area for mountaineering in Alps. Saas Fee, with Zermatt, are the two most famous  historical alpine villages in Switzerland. Saas Fee is surrounded by several 4000m peaks. There is the option to potentially climb and ski the Strahlhorn and Alphubel.


Physical Difficulty
Ski touring days are sometimes long up to 8 hours but usually 5-6 hours. There are steep long hills with up to 1000m ascent each day so skiers should have good endurance and the ability to walk for long periods of time at a slow but steady pace. You will only need to carry a light pack (8kg max) but the high altitudes will make the going seem tough at times. With a few days to acclimitise most people deal with altitudes up to 4000m without any serious complications but you will need to be mentally and physically prepared to keep moving even when snow and weather conditions are less than favorable. If you are used to long distance running, biking or hiking in mountainous terrain you should be fine. We are happy to provide a complete training program for people who want some guidance.

Technical Difficulty
The skills required for skiing uphill are much less demanding technically than downhill skills. Participants should have some previous experience ski touring and strong downhill skiing experience is essential. You don't need to be an expert skier but you should be experienced with dealing with poor snow conditions such as breakable crust or deep soft snow.  Skiers need to be confident side slipping down 40 degree hard snow. Minimal crampon and ice axe skills are required, participants should have some basic familiarity with walking in crampons and using an ice axe but there are only short sections where these are required. This is not a technical mountaineering trip.

Price Details

Guide: Client Price
1:2 POA
1:3  POA
1:4  POA


What's Included
  • Guide fees for 9 days 
  • ​Hotel 2 nights twin share ( single room available on request),
  • 6 nights mountain hut accommodation including all breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • Required lift tickets and ground transport during trip.
  • For full details see itinerary.

Not included

  • Airfare, transport to Aosta and travel insurance
  • Hotel, transport and food post trip
  • Ski touring equipment
  • Alcohol, snacks and extras purchased at huts
  • Food when not in the mountains


Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)


 DAY 1. 07/04/19 
Arrive in Aosta and meet Andrea, your guide for an evening brief at the hotel.  Review the plan for the trip, check gear and there will be time for last minute shopping and supplies. The hotel is located for easy walking to the historic Roman ruins and narrow, carless city streets bursting with energy. This is not a tourist town and you will love the laid back atmosphere.  Great food, wine and scenery.
Stay: Hotel Aosta

DAY 2. 08/04/19
Catch the morning bus to Cervinia and ski on the resort (maximum altitude 3500m). This is a chance to get on your skis, shake down any equipment or gear questions you might have and acclimatise in preparation for the coming tour.  

Later in the day take the lifts to 3500m and skin up to the summit of the Breithorn (4164m), the first 4000m peak of the trip (or save this for tomorrow). From here you will take in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains before skiing down to the Rifugio Guide del Cervino (3480m) your home for the first night high in the mountains.
Stay: Rifugio Guide del Cervino

DAY 3. 09/04/19
From the Rifugio Guide del Cervino there are options to summit the Breithorn or Castor (4226m) then ski down to the Rifugio Quintino Sella (3585m) this day will take approximately 8 hours. There is also the option of including the Castor Traverse requiring sections of mountaineering which requires the use of ropes, crampons and ice axe.
Stay: Rifugio Quintino Sella

DAY 4. 10/04/19
From  the  Rifugio Quintino Sella we pass under the steep south face of the Lyskamm and cross the Lyskamm Nose (4150m), a high altitude pass, and down to the Mantova Rifugio (3498m). Approximately 5-6 hours.
Stay:  Rifugio Mantova

DAY 5. 11/04/19
Cross another high pass or bag another 4000m peak with options to summit Punta Parrot or Punta Capanna Margherita on the way (additional 200-300m climb, 2 hours). Then a long descent to the dazzling aluminum facade Monte Rosa Hut (2883m). This modern refugio is almost entirely self sufficient, supplying most of it’s own energy and recycling wastewater. This day will take approximately 5-7 hours.
Stay:  Monte Rosa Hutte

DAY 6. 12/04/19
It is important to recharge your batteries and this is a chance to have a late start, read a book, sun bathe and eat and drink exotic cheese and wine.  For the energetic it is a chance to explore the high glacier and ski some great snow, but also a good time to rest for the next days activities.
Stay:  Monte Rosa Hutte

DAY 7. 13/04/19
Traverse the glacier to the summit of Stockhorn and from there down to the mountain resort of Zermatt situated at 1608m. This will take approximately 5-6 hours.  After lunch in town, catch an afternoon lift to the Little Matterhorn and ski to back to the Rifugio Guide del Cervino, completing the full circuit of your journey. 
Stay: Rifugio Guide del Cervino

DAY 8. 14/04/19
After a leisurely breakfast descend back down to Cervinia. From here we catch the bus back to Aosta and stay this night at Aosta. Celebrate the end of the journey with great food and wine.  
Stay: Aosta Hotel 

DAY 9. 15/04/19
Additional weather contingency day - If the weather necessitates, waiting one extra day in the hut or skiing down to one of the villages to wait out a storm is an option as is it possible to exit from the trip each day.

Follow days 1-6 of the classic and then....

From the Monte Rosa Hut do a long Traverse on Findler glacier to the Adlerpass (3789m). There is the option to summit the Strahlhorn (4190m) (400m extra). From the Pass or the summit ski to the Britannia Hut (3030m - the height of Mt Aspiring) (7-8h).

Head to the Alphubel Jock pass or summit the Alphubel itself (4206m, extra 400m)) and ski down to Tasch Hut and onwards down to Tasch village and then Zermatt (5h...8h with summit).

From the Tasch Hut to the Rifugio Guide del Cervino. It is possible to summit Breithorn if not done already  (extra 300m) (5h). 

FROM HERE FOLLOW DAY 7 of the Classic version.

Sample Itinerary Only. Every endeavour will be made to keep to this itinerary, but with all high mountain activities, inclement weather or unsuitable mountain conditions may require a change of route or itinerary.  All such changes will be made in consultation with participants, but no refunds will be given due to necessary itinerary changes.

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