The Brenta Dolomites Full Traverse


The trip starts from Trento or Cles in the Trento region of Italy

...such a beautiful place!

Melissa, Australia 2017 Italian Ski Tour

Thank you for everything, just loved the experience (warts and all) - hard not too in such a beautiful place!

More Information

The Traverse of the Brenta Dolomites is unique. It was the first traverse to be created by local guides for touristic purpose, which is different from other via ferratas in the Dolomites which are historical and follow World War I paths.

Comfortable mountain huts allow us to connect all via ferratas in a 7-8 day loop with outstanding trekking in between. Small glaciers have to be negotiated and crampons come in handy. This trip is an advanced trekking trip. You must be fit, have good balance and be good with exposure.

Available Dates

2019 Status
10-19 July Open


Physical Difficulty

To enjoy the Brenta Dolomites Full Traverse you need to be very fit, have good balance and not be afraid of heights. Sometimes the footing is unstable and hikers need to be good on their feet and be comfortable on rough or slippery ground. Days are sometimes long up to 8-9 hours. You should have good endurance and the ability to walk for long periods of time at a slow but steady pace. You will only need to carry a light pack (8kg max). If you are used to long distance running, biking or hiking in mountainous terrain you should be fine. We are happy to provide a complete training program for people who want some guidance.

Technical Difficulty

While the Climbing is not technical (mostly scrambling) you will experience lots of exposure. Some previous experience on easy rock climbing (10-12 Aus grade) will help. There will be short sections using crampons but no prior experience is required. Multi-day tramping experience is essential and experiencing hiking on rough terrain.


In most of the technical parts there will be a wire rope or ladder to assist the climber. Each climber will have a safety kit consisting of a harness, helmet and lanyard that must be used through the via ferrata sections. The guide will also a rope for the hardest sections if people require extra assistance.

Price Details

Guide Ratio Price
1:2 EU 5,200
1:3 EU 4,000
1:4 EU 3,400
What's Included
  • Guide fees for 10 days
  • Hotel/cottage 3 nights twin share (single room available on request)
  • Ground transport during trip
  • 7 nights mountain hut/bivi accommodation including all breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • Technical equipment: harness, lanyard, helmet, and crampons
  • For full details see itinerary
Not Included
  • Airfare, transport to Tuenno, and travel insurance
  • Hotel, transport, and food post trip
  • Alcohol, snacks and extras purchased at huts
  • Food when not in the mountains


Frequently Asked Questions About This Trip

Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)


br />    DAY 1.
10 July 2019

Andrea, your guide, will arrange to meet you at the train station in Trento or Cles. The morning will be spent reviewing the plan for the trip, checking the weather and the equipment, and there will be time for last minute shopping and supplies before heading into the mountains. After lunch you'll transfer by car up on the range to Verde Lake, and begin with an easy trek into the mountains to Rifugio Peller (2000m).
Track n. 313

Elevation gain: 300 m
Distance: 5 km
Time: 2 hours
Stay: Rifugio Peller

DAY 2.
11 July 2019

Take the Costanzi Track, a wild and beautiful route that takes you through wild open meadows, alpine lakes, and weaving through mountain passes using fixed ropes. Today is a good warm-up for the via ferrata climbing to come. Views are breathtaking and well worth the effort. The day finishes with a descent to the Bivouac Bonvecchio (2700m), where you'll bivi for the evening.
Track n. 337 and 336 (Costanzi track)

Elevation gain: 900 m
Distance: 10.5 km
Time: 7-8 hours
Stay: Bivouac Bonvecchio

DAY 3.
12 July 2019

Following the Costanzi track and Benini track, you'll climb through mountain passes. The via ferrata is more challenging, and you finish up at the Rifugio Tuckett (2270m). The views from the refuge sweep westwards to the surrounding mountains and glaciers.
Track n. 336, 390 (Vidi track), 305 (Benini track/first leg of the famous "via delle Bocchette")

Elevation gain: 700 m
Distance: 13 km
Time: 8 hours
Stay: Rifugio Tuckett

DAY 4.
13 July 2019

A well earned rest day to recharge the batteries or to wait out bad weather. This day is the chance to sleep in and time to rest and enjoy a little bit of the rifugio's lifestyle.

Stay: Rifugio Tuckett

DAY 6.
14 July 2019

Today you start by climbing the highest segment of Via delle Bocchette to Cima Brenta. This famous via ferrata brings you to Rifugio Alimonta (2580m), where you'll be surrounded by marvelous peaks.
Track n. 305

Elevation gain: 700 m
Distance: 4.5 km
Time: 6 hours
Stay: Rifugio Alimonta

DAY 6.
15 July 2019

This is the day! You'll make your way to the Rifugio 12 Apostoli. You start with the most famous section of the traverse, called Bocchette Centrali. You will pass under Canpanil Alto e Basso, the two main rock towers, and traverse cliffs along narrow edges with full exposure. A good break at the Rifugio Pedrotti, and from here the second part of the day you'll negotiate the Range Cima Tosa e Cima Ambiez, crossing narrow saddles and traversing two glaciers with crampons. This day will be full on!
Track n. 323, 305 (Bocchette centrali), 318A, 358 (Brentari track), 304 (Ideale track)

Elevation gain: 900 m
Distance: 8.5 km
Time: 8-9 hours
Stay: Rifugio 12 Apostoli

DAY 7.
16 July 2019

Today is the last day with via ferrata, but it is a good one! The via ferrata Ettore Castiglioni will lead you to the Rifugio Agostini, where you'll stop for a delicious homemade lunch and relax for the afternoon.

Elevation gain: 400 m
Distance: 5 km
Time: 4 hours
Stay: Rifugio Agostini

DAY 8.
17 July 2019

Last day, last big effort! From the rifugio, a short trek down to the Rifugio Cacciatore and from there to the village San Lorenzo in Banale. It is a nice section, not technically demanding, in awesome alpine meadows, past alpine houses and through forest. This marks your completion of The Brenta Dolimites Traverse!!! You'll celebrate with a drink at the local restaurant Dolomiti. Then by taxi, you'll transfer to your hotel in Tuenno/Cles.
Track 348 and 349

Elevation gain: 500 m
Distance: 11 km
Time: 6-7 hours
Stay: Tuenno/Cles

DAY 9.
18 July 2019

Rest day and/or additional weather contingency day (if in the mountains). Tuenno/Cles has many local activities and places to explore, such as the local farmer's alpine huts, historical sites, and castles. Or simply relax, sample typical Dolomites cuisine, like fresh homemade cheese and wine. You could also spend your time exploring other via ferrata, like the  one on Marmolada, which takes two days.

Stay: Tuenno/Cles, or in the mountains

DAY 10.
19 July 2019

Extra day for weather contingency or extensions of the trip. If you finish the trip in time, it is possible to go to do other via ferrata, like Marmolada, as above.

Stay: Tuenno/Cles

NOTE: The program can be adjusted according with the weather and the needs of the group. It is possible to add via ferratas or making it easier. It is possible to stop the trip at any time if needed.


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