Treble Cone Backcountry Day Tour


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Treble Cone backcountry offers a huge range of terrain from beginner to expert.

The day gave me the extra confidence

Hugh, Australia

Treble Cone Backcountry Day Tour:  "What I really was taken back with the trip was just how brilliant our guide Geoff was. Every aspect of the trip was adhered to with so much detail and the patience and courtesy he showed to us made the tour so enjoyable! And enthusiasm he had himself for skiing was really quite contagious! The day gave me the extra confidence to go beyond the boundaries of the ski resorts and into the backcountry in the future. Getting to see the breathtaking views that were on offer and skiing in areas off the beaten track where no one else was skiing for the first time was really quite exciting! Gives you the extra confidence to attack terrain I would not have dreamed of going to before while also learning what to look for in regards avalanches and snow conditions. The most enjoyable day of skiing I have had!"

More Information

There are several different areas we can access and your guide is an expert and choosing the right place for you.  From the gentle slopes of Towers Ridge to the intimidating Bold Rush Chutes there are runs for all abilities. 

If you are new to touring our qualified guides will help you every step of the way. Click into some wide skis with ski-touring bindings and skins to be fitted for uphill travel.  Snowboarders can grab some snowshoes or a split board. Learn how to get to the snow beyond lift access, assess terrain and use avalanche transceivers.

We'd love to take you into the Treble Cone backcountry to explore some new terrain away from the lifts. Check out the tour details and contact us if you have any questions.

Available Dates

Trip 2016 Dates Status
  23 June Opening date for TC
  2 October Closing date for TC


Technical Difficulty

Participants do not need previous experience.  You will need to be an intermediate to strong skier/rider in off piste conditions.

Physical Difficulty

A moderate level of fitness is required.  Participants need to be able to travel up steep hills and be strong enough to handle variable conditions.

Price Details

Guide:Client Price
1:1 NZ $575*
1:2 NZ $299*
1:3-6 NZ $215*


* If you don't have a TC lift pass, we can arrange for a backcountry lift pass to be purchased for you ($40)

Full payment is due upon booking. Should TC be closed or we cancel your trip, we will refund you or reschedule for the next day, if possible.

What's Included
  • NZMGA qualified guide
  • avalanche transceiver & shovel/probe as required.



Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)

One Day Tour

We meet at 8:30am the morning of the trip at our office and finalize the plan for day.  We usually catch the last lift on the Saddle Chair at 3:30pm and are back in town just before 5:00pm.  If you are new to ski touring you can stop into our office the afternoon before your trip and we will make sure you have all the right gear.  Often people need to rent touring gear, we work with you and the rental shop to make sure you get the gear you need. 

Ski touring at Treble Cone offers the opportunity to end the day with an exciting run to the Blue Creek and with a short climb back up to the Saddle Chair lift, you get a lift out of the valley for your last run of the day.  We usually catch the last chair at 3:30pm getting us back to the base area just after 4pm.


Equipment Details

This video provides practical demonstration of how alpine ski touring (AT) equipment works.

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